Landscape Design Boca Raton FL

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Job Located: Boca Raton FL Very charming design with Brown River rock and Crinsom Rock. This is a sample of a very simple, clear and elegant landscape. Plant for this landscape: Ground Orquid, Croton Mammy, Mandavilea, Bougainvillea Tree,Gold Mound, Ixora Dwarf. Brown River rock around Trees and Eugenia Globus Cone in the entrance, in the back yard we have sod installation. Before After Before During-2 After Before After During After Before After After...

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Landscape Transformation Parkland FL

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Job Located: Parkland Fl Amazing transformation in this Landscape. Flower’s bed in the front yard had all Plants, Tree, removed, disposal, handled with bob cat services to remove the tree and the concrete edge. All details were completed with care and professionalism. Flower’s bed was designed perfectly over costumer expectation. The entrance had an extension of the driveway with brick, completed with a very nice way going to the driveway to the flower’s bed. For this pathway was done with a very good choice of step stone and brown river rock, combined with brown mulch on the flower’s bed. Plants for this project: Croton mammy, Hawaiian, Hibiscus bush, Bougainvillea tree, Tibouchina tree, Yellow Ixora dwarf, Eugenia Spiral, New Guinea Impatiens. Before Before Before During During During During After After After After After...

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Landscape Remodeling Coconut Creek

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Job located: Coconut Creek Fl In the back yard we had shade plants for the both flower’s beds, completed clean up and rock refreshment. Plants for this project : Triostar, Sansiveira, Spathiphllum, Bromeliads, Cat Palm. Front Yard: All plants was removed/disposal and replaced for: Clussia, Ixora dwarf, Foxtail Fern, Hawaiian, Bougainvillea Tree. Costumer has now a fresh view of your landscape with a very low maintenance plants. Before After After Before After Before After Before After Before After...

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Sod Removal | Hardscape Fort Lauderdale

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Hardscape Fort Lauderdale Florida Sod Removal/Hardscape with Medium Egg White /Black August / River Jack /Plants Completed removal/disposal of the grass and preparation of the ground on the left side of the house. Landscape was placed with a very nice design of a pathway, enriched with Step stone, Medium Egg White Rock and River Jack . All along of the pathway was installed a plants such as: Alocasia ,Bromeliads Dwarf Bamboo ,Australia Tree Fern, Dioons 3 Gal, some with Black August rocks surrender it completing a wonderful view of the landscape. On the right side and back yard of the house was installed a Clussia hedge and foxtail fern ,installation of new sod as well. Before After Before...

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